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János Szentágothai (originally János Schimert) was born on the 31st October, 1912 in Budapest, Hungary

The utmost interest of Professor János Szentágothai about the functioning of the brain led to seminal discoveries in widespread research areas. Prof. Szentágothai and his co-workers made fundamental contributions regarding the structure of the vertebral reflex arch, the connections between the vestibular system and the eye moving muscles, the synaptology of the thalamic relay nuclei, the neuroendocrine regulatory mechanisms, the explanation and modeling of the structural-functional correlations in the cerebellum. His contribution was also significant to the discovery and description of the microanatomical structure and physiological functioning of the basic building blocks of cerebral cortex: the cortical modul. Besides János Szentágothai, his co-workers and successors summarize some of the major breakthroughs which they achieved in the different research fields.

Prof. Szentágothai’s drawing and personal comments on the strech reflex arc of masticatory muscles.

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Fulton enthused he included my figures in his great textbook and in the "Physiology of the nervous system"

his was the damn lucky thing that made my reputation among physiologists.
Who could tell today why I made laesions in the mesencephalic nucleus of the trigeminal nerve? Returning from war captivity, I found the processed preparations that I could not study in 44. In the first section of the m. masseter there was a muscle spindle with the degenerated annulospiral ending instead of the expected motor neuron degeneration.
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