Memorial events


Memorial events

János Szentágothai (originally János Schimert) was born on the 31st October, 1912 in Budapest, Hungary

Inauguration of János Szentágothai’s bust at the Technical School for Health Workers named after him
Date: 26th March, 1999
Location: Budapest,


Szentágothai’s bust

Inauguration of János Szentágothai’s bust
Inauguration of Szentágothai’s relief at the Department of Anatomy, Semmelweis University
Anatomy to me is not only the inalienable basis of all medical thinking and activity  but  also one of the highest manifestation of the eternal beauty and harmony of material and life.
Link: Inauguration of Szentágothai’s relief
A promenade has been named after János Szentágothai in the inner city of Pécs